We have just concluded the international celebration of annual Banned Books Week. It is a week dedicated to reading and acknowledging of banned books and spreading awareness about them.

The whole point of the campaign is to reinstate “freedom to read” and freedom of choice especially when concerned with unorthodox topics and opinions that are or were deemed politically incorrect. It is an attempt to stop “deliberate suppression of viewpoints that has a real consequence”

It is remarkable how we have come to celebrate reading and owning of books that were banned at some point of time. It is a step against sieving of literature through political, legal, religious or moral filters. Who would have thought that something as simple as reading a book could become an act of resistance? Resistance against censorship. Resistance to reclaim intellectual freedom.

This campaign “also notes individuals persecuted because of the writings they produce, read and circulate”. It reminds us why it is important to uphold the right to freedom of expression.

The campaign encourages us to agree to disagree and to recognize what we are lacking as a society. It also invites us to initiate discussions on the kind of literature we want to leave behind for the coming generations.

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