Travel Memoirs

I’ve just been to Mussourie, Dehradun and Rishikesh and it’s been such a wonderful trip that I couldn’t not tell everyone about it.
Now, I live in a place that’s deprived even of a reasonable amount of scenic or natural beauty and that has very little historical importance. A hill-person, a beach-person, a desert-person, a museum-person, a forts-and-palaces-person or even a jungle-person would feel lost in this town of mine and I have to confess I’m a bit of all; only a mall-person or a cafe-person could thrive here. So, a person from a town as commonplace as mine yearns to be in glamorous destinations every once in a while.

It was this yearning that had me drawn towards the queen of hills: Mussourie and I couldn’t help but be jealous of those who live here. There are people who walk these hillsides everyday; who have these beautiful sceneries awaiting them every time they open their windows; and who have fresh, pollution-free mountain air gushing to welcome them every time they step out of their house.

So, when at Mussourie I’d say, you should trek to Lal-tibba, eat Kalsang, visit the Cambridge Book Store at the right time but more importantly relax in this laid-back town and take in the scenic beauty this place has to offer in abundance. I came here to meet Mr. Ruskin Bond, but ended up having the times of my life.

At Dehradun, I spent only very little time but I’d suggest everyone to go to Mindrolling Buddhist Temple, Robber’s Cave and Clement Town.

And in Rishikesh, let your adrenaline take charge. It’s a very good place for trying out all the adventure sports you always wanted to and then maybe spent a quiet hour or two at the Triveni Ghat listening to self-proclaimed conspiracy theorists discussing politics.

One thing that this trip got me thinking was: do we ever completely come back from places we visit and love? I think a part of us always stays back making the memories as vivid as yesterday for years to come.


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