Rain, thou art a nuisance!


With the rains finally ( and thankfully ) over, after 3 months or so I am finally in a position to think and to write and so I decide to pour my heart out about the much loved: rain
I somehow fail to understand why people are so obsessed with the “beauty of rain”: the poets who’ve written poems on it and musicians who have found their strokes of inspiration in it; writers write better when it rains and readers find it ( and an overrated cup of coffee ) a perfect companion for their favourite books; rains are a much liked and overly fancified backdrop for Bollywood movies and their song and dance sequences.
But, despite these  exaggerated attempts to glamorise rain, the rain reality of the country remains far from fantasy as rains continue to wreck havoc in the lives of commoners year after year: it disrupts everyday life by making getting out of the house or even opening the window a battle against the odds; it makes the already-in-bad-condition roads of our country much worse ( giving the tea-stall parties an opportunity to revisit the topic of corruption ), infact some of these narrower roads become so unbearable you will find yourself fighting an urge to puke; and don’t even get me started on how badly it hits the poor: the quality of their previous years’ prayers is directly related to whether their house is able to withstand the wrath of the rain-gods or gives up under the pressure.
So, you can enjoy the rains as much as you want and dance when it pours and threatens to submerge the entire town, I will not be okay with it until I get the option to simply hibernate in the monsoon season.


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