Which Toppings Work Best With Vanilla Icecream

So I got a brick of Vanilla ice cream and decided to try it with as many toppings as I can. So here’s a list of all the toppings I tried and what I thought about them (in increasing order of how good they were).

Dalgona coffee

I’m not a fan of coffee but this one was pretty interesting. If you’re a fan of coffee flavored ice cream this is another easy recipe to try at home.


Don’t ask me why I did it, but I found custard in my fridge and thought: why not. Honestly, this combination is not bad at all. I guess custard really goes with everything.

Chocolate wafers

I wrote chocolate wafers but any flavored wafers are good. If you refrigerate it before crushing and adding it will not only be crunchy but also easier to handle.

Chocolate cookie

So, chocolate cookie + vanilla ice cream is basically Cookie ‘N’ Cream ice cream but better because the cookie will still be crunchy. This might well be a cooking hack to save you money.

Fresh fruit

I tried blue berries and mangoes but I guess this would be great with just about any fruit out there. I could go on and on about this combination because it was so good.

Salted caramel sauce

This is very easy to make and will take your plain vanilla ice cream to a whole new level. If you haven’t tried it, I’d recommend you to do so. You won’t regret it.

Roasted Almond

Okay so, this: this combination is perfection *chef’s kiss* of all ice cream combinations. If you have ever wondered what is the ‘smokey flavor’ that people talk about in cooking/eating shows, it’s this. Go try it y’all. In fact, while you’re at it, add salted caramel sauce to it to make it 10x better.

Baking Disasters Ep.30: Dorayaki Cakes

Now the lines between what may be considered baking and what may not be considered baking are a bit blurred here. Dorayaki cakes (I think this is what they call them) are made on pan but since it has baking powder shouldn’t we consider it as baking? I don’t know. You wouldn’t recognize them as Dora cakes from the children’s show Doraemon if you saw it. The ones in the video looked great but the ones I made: not so much. But, come on, I can’t compete with pro Japanese chefs at Japanese cooking.

So this will be my last Baking blog for the time being. I’ll post more if I bake more. I might post a few other blogs in the meantime. Thank You for reading this series y’all.

Baking Disasters Ep.29: Cinnamon Roll

We were following the tutorial word to word but the person forgot to mention the temperature of the oven. So, naturally we winged the temperature. We covered it with butter cream but the butter deposited at the bottom leaving the butter cream dry. Half the cinnamon filling also deposited at the bottom. The cream tasted sour but all in all this was not bad at all.

Baking Disasters Ep.28: Red Velvet Cake

We purchased red food color to make red velvet cake. The packet of the food color was also red and there were also orange color packets at the store. When we added the red food color to the batter it somehow turned out to be orange color. So, this cake actually ended up as orange velvet cake. As for the ingredients we has added vinegar and curd because it was in the recipe. The cake was very dry and tasted funny. Had to save it by making it into cake pops covered with melted chocolate. It was edible but dry. But I’d say this is a good was to save a dying cake.

Baking Disasters Ep.25: Whipped Cream Frosting

Apparently, if you don’t have an equipment to whisk cream this is what you have to do: in a  big bowl put ice and in a smaller bowl put whipping cream. Then you have to manually whip the cream. We (no exaggeration) did this for 2 hours in turns. Then we realized that we forgot to add sugar. At the end it tasted like malai. Unlike the videos we saw, there were no peaks formed. In a last attempt to save the frosting we added grated chocolate and ended up making it worse.